5 Best chocolate drink recipes to try: International Chocolate Day 2022

5 chocolate drink recipes for International Chocolate Day 2022: The day is observed on the 13th of September every the year International Chocolate Day celebrates the world-renowned sweet chocolate that first appeared around 4000 years back.Available in various varieties such as milk, dark as well as white chocolates These delicious treats are made of the fruits of cacao trees, which is indigenous to Central and South America.Here five chocolate drink recipes you should try now.

5 chocolate drink recipes to try:

1.Choco Shake

With dairy along with dark chocolate choco shakes provide an essential nutrient known as Choline that is crucial to maintain the health of nervous function.Boil one cup of milk on a large non-stick pan. Add grated dark chocolate , and mix well.Transfer all of the ingredients to an electric mixer, along and powdered sugar. Mix until smooth.Refrigerate for at least an hour, then garnish by slicing dark chocolate serving chilled.

2. Chocolate soda

The soda Chocolate soda has a distinctive flavor that is tingling

If you’re looking for an alcoholic drink that has an amazing chocolate taste, then try this chocolate-soda drink soon.You can effortlessly pair a pizza or pasta dish with the drink.Put cold soda and cocoa powder vanilla Ice cream, milk chilled and sugar in blender. Blend until smooth with a nice smooth.Pour in tall glass, then add some cubes of ice, then serve it chilled.

3. Mexican hot chocolate

So flavourful Mexican hot chocolate

The hot chocolate has the scent of cinnamon. The vanilla essence is what gives this drink a distinct flavor.Mix the cacao powder, salt as well as cinnamon powder. Set aside.Heat your milk on a saucepan for about four minutes. Then add the cocoa powder Mix well and cook for two to three minutes.Add vanilla essenceand mix again serving warm.

4. Chocolate lassi

HealthyChocolate and hydrating Lassi

A slight twist on the traditional hydrating Punjabi drink, the chocolate lazi is the ideal drink for you to indulge in your sugar cravings.Grind the sugar until it into fine powdered. Mix it with cocoa powder, curd as well as water.Pour in tall glass, and garnish with cocoa powder with chocolate shavings. Serve chilled.You can also substitute sugar with jaggery to create an alcohol-free drink.

5. Chocolate coffee

A drink with two ingredients, chocolate coffee

Are you a fan of each of the flavors of coffee or chocolate? We present to you the perfect blend of both in one drink.Put small pieces of dark chocolate in the bowl. Add coffee powder, milk and sugar. Mix all ingredients well.Microwave the mix for one minute before blending. Add the milk, and any remaining frozen cubes of ice, and mix again.Garnish with chocolate chips and whipped cream.

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