02 Best Ways: how to link aadhaar with pan card in case of name mismatch

Get Complete Process To how to link aadhaar with pan card

A law amendment has made it mandatory for Indian citizens to have a shaver. Permanent Account Number(PAN) to have their Aadhaar number connected to it. A new rule from the government states that if an Aadhaar number is not linked, the PAN will be invalid for any future transactions.To provide temporary relief for taxpayers who have applied to Aadhaar, the government has granted certain people exemption to quote their Aadhaar number on the income-tax return.

During the linking process, people faced practical difficulties. The mismatch between the Aadhaar and PAN databases was evident in this instance.

The Government clarified this by stating that many people had fake PANs and were being used to fraudulent the Government. Aadhaar, however, is a unique number. Therefore, linking PAN with Aadhaar will end such malpractices.

After observing genuine cases of mismatch in Aadhaar data and PAN details, the Income-tax department provided some relief to taxpayers.A press release was issued by the Income-tax department describing a solution to these minor problems

How to link aadhaar with pan card

How can you fix the Aadhaar and PAN mismatch?

To Modify the errors in Aadhaar and PAN card details, follow the steps below:

  • Visit www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in
  • Click the link “Link Aadhaar”
  • Enter PAN
  • Enter your Aadhaar number
  • Correctly enter the name and details as shown on the Aadhaar card
  • Click submit
  • The linking will be confirmed after verification by UIDAI.

To facilitate linking, the IT department will send an OTP (One Time Password) to the registered mobile number in case of a minor mismatch.

  1. How do I link Aadhaar with PAN?
    You can visit the official website for Income Tax department, incometaxindia.gov.in and log in to link your PAN number and Aadhar number.
  2. Can I file an ITR without linking Aadhaar and PAN?
    According to the latest government rule, it is not necessary to quote Aadhaar number when filing income tax returns.
  3. If details do not match, how can I link Aadhaar with PAN?
    If details do not match, users can visit official incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in and request a One-Time Password for Aadhaar or PAN linking.
  4. How can you fix the Aadhaar and PAN mismatch?
    Click on “Link Aadhaar” at incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in. To facilitate linking, IT will send a One Time Password to the registered mobile number if there is a minor mismatch.

Your demographic information (e.g., name, gender and date of birth) are required to link Aadhaar with PAN. Both documents should contain the same information: Name, Gender, and Date of Birth.

If there is a minor error in Aadhaar name provided by taxpayer, compared to actual data in Aadhaar (Aadhaar OTP), one time password (Aadhaar OTP will be sent to the registered mobile with Aadhaar). Taxpayers must ensure that their date of birth and gender are identical in Aadhaar and PAN.

If the Aadhaar name and PAN name are completely different, the linking will fail. In such cases, the taxpayer will be prompted by Aadhaar to correct the name.


You can visit https://www.utiitsl.com for any queries regarding PAN data updates

You can visit UIDAI’s official website www.uidai.gov.in for Aadharar updates.

If you have any questions about linking, please visit the Income Tax website or contact the IT department helpline.

How do I match my PAN and Aadhaar Card names?

People often search for information about what happens if the names on their Aadhaar Card and PAN don’t match. You will have difficulty linking your PAN Card and Aadhaar Card if your name appears in Aadhaar Card and PAN. Aadhaar One Time passwords (OTPs) will be sent to your registered mobile number with Aadhaar card if there is a slight mismatch between the names on Aadhaar Cards and PAN. 

To get the OTP, PAN cardholders need to ensure that all details regarding gender and birth in Aadhaar or PAN are correct. The linking will be canceled if the names in the Aadhaar or PAN are not identical. The affected individual will have to make necessary changes to either the PAN database, or Aadhaar.

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