10 Best Telangana Government Schemes List For Students, Womens, Senior Citizens

The Telangana State Government has introduced a number of Telangana Government Schemes to help the economically and mentally harassed women. The senior citizens and women from lower strata of the society are at a great advantage, as they can opt for the schemes under the state government that benefits them.

These schemes aim to uplift the women’s community and encouraging them to take up their useful roles in the society. All such women are eligible for the benefits provided under the schemes and hence the benefits can be availed by the ladies of the community.

Senior Citizens’ scheme This scheme is offered to all aged women who are above forty years of age. The main objective of this scheme is to promote self-reliance and economic independence of senior citizens. Under the scheme, the senior citizens of the telangana state can choose the kind of assistance that best suits them.

The assistance can be in the form of general assistance or specific needs like financial assistance or medical attention. Eligibility for the scheme is determined on the basis of the monthly income of the senior citizens and the number of dependents.

List Of 10 Telangana government schemes:

Telangana government Initiative schemes:

  • Dharani Scheme

The Government of Telangana plans to create and manage a new Integrated Land Records Management System (“Dharani”) which combines Land administration with Registration services. This serves as a single source for truth for all land parcels. It also discharges all land-related functions in an integrated, efficient, and effective manner.

All actions are done on a fast real-time basis. Dharani also offers GIS systems that provide visual representations of land record data.

  • Kanti Velugu Scheme

Under the title “Kanti Velugu”, the State Government embarked upon a noble project to achieve “avoidable blindness” status. This was achieved by conducting a Comprehensive, Universal Eye Screening of all the State’s citizens. The Program was launched on 15th of August 2018.

  • Rythu Bandhu Scheme

In order to increase agricultural productivity and income, as well as break the cycle of rural debt, the Rythu Bandhu (or Agriculture Investment Support Scheme) was introduced in the 2018-19 Kharif year to meet the initial investment needs of all farmers. A grant of Rs. is available to support investment in agriculture and horticulture crops.

For inputs such as Seeds, Fertilizers and Pesticides, 5,000 per acre per year for the purchase of inputs. This is for Rabi (Yasangi), and Kharif(Rainy). This is the first direct farmer support scheme in India. The cash is directly paid.

  • KCR Kit Scheme

KCR Kit Scheme has been launched by the state government for pregnant women. This scheme is only available to pregnant women who have had at least 2 births. This scheme is available to women who give birth in a government hospital. This scheme provides all necessary items for both the mother and her newborn baby.

Pregnant women will receive financial assistance in the amount of Rs. 12,000 in three phases. Additional Rs. The government will give 1000 to a baby girl. KCR Kit includes Baby oil, soaps for mother and baby, handbags, diapers, powder, shampoo, soaps, towel and napkins, and a baby bed.

  • Mission Kakatiya Scheme

The government’s flagship programme aimed to restore around 46,000 tanks within five years in order to provide irrigation sources to approximately 25 lakh acres. It cost Rs 22,000 crore. Nearly 20,000 tanks have had restoration works started and about 5,000 tanks are now complete. The Government of Telangana has sanctioned over Rs.

This initiative was approved by the Government of Telangana in budgets for 2015-16 and 2016-17. The Mission includes activities such as desiltation, repair of damaged sluices, weirs and restoration of dilapidated tank bunds. Stone revetments are also carried out and the plugging of seepages is another part.

Mission Kakatiya aims to improve the ground water table, reduce the power consumption of the farm sector, increase yields, stimulate the growth and revitalize rural economies. According to ICRISAT, silt applied on farm fields led to savings of Rs 2,500 to Rs 3750 on pesticides and fertilisers. The cotton yield increased by 1,000 kilograms per hectare.

  • Mission Bhagiratha Scheme

The Telangana Drinking Water Supply Project will lay a massive 1.30 lakh km of pipelines to supply water for industrial and agricultural needs. Mission Bhagiratha, a massive 1.30 lakh km stretch of pipelines, will be laid to supply water to Telangana towns and villages. It is estimated that the cost of this project is Rs 35,000 crore.

This flagship program is designed to supply 100 litres per person per day (LPCD), treated and piped water to all households in rural areas. It also provides 135 LPCD for municipalities and 150 LPCD to municipal corporations. The Government of India has praised this pioneering program and encouraged other States to follow its example.

  • Telangana State Vocational Training Scholarship Scheme.

This scholarship scheme is open to all students belonging to any background and of any gender who have completed high school. The eligibility criteria are that the student should have passed the desired grade in any subject in any school and should be eligible for admission in any reputed college.

Eligibility for the scholarship is determined on the basis of the cumulative merit and also on the basis of satisfying the eligibility norms of the scheme. In addition to the above the student must also clear the best questions in the Telangana State exam and the candidate with the best answers in the Telangana State exam is given the scholarship.

  • Telangana State Child Care Scholarship Scheme

The Telangana State Government is offering scholarships in the name of a single mother for the purpose of upbringing the child in her own household. The process is to first select the candidates on the basis of the grades of the candidates receive during their last academic year. Then the list is sent to the selected families to forward their application to the concerned departments.

The mothers who prove to be unfit parents are given preference and are provided with the scholarship. This scheme has been implemented with great success in the Hyderabad district. There are many colleges in Hyderabad, including the Bannergharlal College that offers these courses for free and the girls are even taking these courses as part of their graduation preparation.

  • Telangana State Higher Education Scholarship Scheme

The Telangana State Government is offering scholarships in the name of the women who want to pursue higher studies in any of the universities of Telangana. The details regarding this scholarship are given in the dedicated sections of the Women’s Self-Reliance website.

The basic feature is that the women who will get the scholarships are those who belong to the low income group and also those who are under the qualified age. They should have a proper command on the English language as well. The main aim of this scheme is to help the underprivileged women to complete their education and contribute in making the country economically and socially developed.

  • Telangana Government Secondary and High School Scholarships

This scheme is available for the girls who wish to continue with their secondary and high school education. In this program, the students who do not own a house and the women are homemakers will get the scholarship. There are several eligibility criteria, which one has to fulfill and then he/she can apply for these schemes. There are various short-listed courses in different subject areas and one has to choose the best courses and apply for them. The main criteria are having academic excellence and good scores in subjects.

  • Telangana Government Science and Technology Research (STTR)

This scheme is designed for the research works in the fields of science and technology. The main aim is to create infrastructure for the betterment of the state so that it can progress in all its projects. The main features of STTR are creation of an infrastructure for the research work, establishment of a national laboratory and national laboratories for the purpose and co-operation with various other international organizations.

There are several short-listed projects, which one has to choose and participate in. The departments that are short listed for the schemes are Biotechnology, Computer science, Energy, Engineering, Health, Medicine, Mechanical and Electronics, Social Sciences, Tourism and Communication.

The above three schemes are the latest schemes introduced by the government. The main motto to introduce these schemes is to improve the overall infrastructure of the state. It also aims at bridging the gap between the deprived and the middle class. There are many students who are willing to complete their studies in any of the universities in Hyderabad. After all it is the desire of every student to become a doctor or an engineer and live a comfortable life.

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