Top 14 Amazing Zee5 New Web Series List 2021

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Zee5 undoubtedly rules India’s OTT (Over-The-Top) service, providers. It is amazing to see the variety of content available in different languages and genres. Zee5 is India’s most popular online destination. It provides content that Indians can relate to.

These are the Top 14 best Zee5 New Web Series List:

  1. MAFIA

This mystery-thriller is great for both friends and family. The plot involves six college friends who reunite and take a trip to Madhupur’s forests. This series is directed by Birsa Dietpta and has eight episodes. This series features three main leads: Tanmay Dahnania, Tanmit Das, and Isha Saha.


A man is arrested and sentenced for a crime that he has never committed. He escapes from prison after completing his sentence. Directed by Jatin Wagle, this movie portrays Archana Gupta, Freddy Daruwala, Arbaaz Khan, and Bikramjeet Kanerwal in the lead roles. There is currently only one Poison series.

This drama focuses on the lives and efforts of police officers to eliminate threatening persons. This series stars Anirban Chakrabarti and Ronjini Chakraborthy as well as Sabyasachi Chakrabarty and Dibyendu Bhattacharya. This series only has one season, divided into 10 episodes.

4. Never Kiss your best friend behind

This series of rom-coms shows how friendship can transform into a romantic relationship when a unintentional kiss complicates the whole relationship. Arif Khan directs Never Kiss Your Bestfriend. It stars Nakul Mehta and Anya Singh in key roles.

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This show is so loved by Indians because of its emotional connection. Four directors directed this romantic drama, including Mona Singh, Gurdeep Kohli and Ronit Roy. The series has three seasons.


The series is available in six languages: Bengali, Tamil and Telugu. This series centers on the lives of a busy person who is sleep-deprived because of his hectic life. This series aired for the first time in 2018, and featured Naveen Kasoor & Bharat Thhakkae as the leads.


Mothers are often struggling to find the right balance between their parenting and personal lives. Mental Hood reveals how mothers constantly change and modify the rules of parenting. This movie, directed by Karishmakohli, stars Sanjay Suri and Shilpa Shukla as well as Shruthi Selth and Karisma Kapoor. Mental Hood has one season.


This two-seasoned series is very popular as it shows how a young man, in the 1990s becomes one of Uttar Pradesh’s gangsters. To find the gangster, a Special Task Force is formed. Rangbaaz is directed by Sachin Patha and Bhai Dhulia and features Saqib Saleem along with Jimmy Sheirgill and Tigmanshu Dhulia.


The Zee-Orignal’s events are based on a North Indian incident that occurred in 2006, which included cannibalism and mass murder in Noida. Kunal Khemu portrays the character Abhay who tries to balance his personal life while solving crimes.


This web series, which was released in seven languages, portrays Gandhi’s Dandi march. This documentary was a major breakthrough in India’s struggle for freedom. This History thriller is worth a watch. It features Surendra Rajan as Mahatma Singh.


Some stories are compelling. We want to see the glamorous lives of celebrities. You know what they say, be careful what your wish. Sunny made the brave decision to enter the entertainment industry. However, society saw it as a sad act. Sunny Leone’s story makes it worth taking a second look at fame. Sunny life is a can of worms, skeletons that cannot be sealed until today.

ThecelebrityShe started as an extra-money source and studied to become a nurse before the porn industry sparked her interest. She kept her fears to herself and kept her family informed. This strong will was the only thing that allowed her to take an empowering step. This is a real reveal. It tells the story of Sunny, who was bullied at school and then having to leave her hometown.

This is the Baby Doll star’s life, which nobody has ever bothered to find out about. The episodes are kept clean and straight to the point.

In April 2019, the much-awaited finale of all Karenjit Kaur’s season: The Untold story of Sunny Leone aired on ZEE5’s streaming platform. Sunny Leone posted a comment on Instagram about the poster for this season’s finale. “Remember that the title!” is the caption. Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Stories of Season Finale


THE FINAL CALLIt is easy to understand and has a high value for time. ZEE5 original is considered the ZEE5 best.web seriesYou can watch the show during your spare time. It is a bit annoying that the first four episodes have more questions than answers. But director deserves it.Vijay LalwaniIt will keep you interested as long as you want to reach the bottom of the plot.

In the first episodes, a number of characters were introduced. However, fate would have them all end up in exactly the same story.

Storytellers try to ask questions about death and the possibilities of what lies beyond. This is not a natural way to tell a thriller. The series attempts to draw in diverse elements into its story. This seems like a distraction from the actual drama. The flashbacks and picks slow down the speed of individual components.

The Final Call, a 2019 Indian thriller series on web TV, is based on Priya’s 2015 Book I’ll Go With You: The Flight of a Lifetime. It follows the lives of passengers on a flight between Mumbai and Sydney. The captain then decides to take his own life.

A show that respects your time and keeps it interesting. S.97

  1. KAALI

Kaali is a story that takes you on a rollercoaster ride through which a mom has one chance to save her son. Parambrata chattopadhyay is a well-known director and actor. Kaali explores the hidden side of Kolkata that is often spoken in quiet tones. Kaali is filled with hope, courage and danger as well as despair. As it reaches its climax, you will feel the excitement.

The performances of Shantilal Moukherjee, Rahul Banerjee and Paoli Dam are admirable, supported by a solid narrative, uncharted reach of #ZEE5 and a strong narrative.


ZEE5 and ALT BALAJIYou can stream the entire season together with season 2Broken but beautiful.Vikrant MasseyVeer andHarleen SethiAfter being broken, Sameera and her family have made a new start in their lives. Season one had a huge hit with great songs that received a lot of views on YouTube.

It was a long time since I waited for season 2, but after watching the series, I realized that it is mostly emotional and filled with a lot of love and romance.

As the story progresses, it shows them both moving on with their lives as partners. Veer falls in love with Debbie and follows his passion to develop high-quality wines. Sameera on the other hand gets a proposal from Ahan, her childhood friend, and later asks her to marry.

In the second part of the series, Veer and Sameera feel in love and are open to each other.

Vikrant’s performance is mind-blowing, and it’s creating a significant mark of his in the digital network proving his excellence in acting. The second season of Vikrant’s series is his show. As time goes by, he is finally being paid for his talent as an actor. In the coming years, I look forward to seeing more Vikrant.

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