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YSR Bheema (Yellow Spots) scheme is a form of private insurance scheme that is offering financial security to families of unorganized and poor performing employees of Andhra Pradesh. Under this scheme, the insured person will receive the insurance benefit if he/she dies or suffers from a permanent disability because of an accident. If one is employed by a legally recognized occupational body, such as an oil company, a mining firm, electrical wiring company, printing press, etc., and is drawing an hourly wage, it is mandatory to participate in the scheme.

Brief goal

The scheme’s main purpose is to offer relief to families of unorganized workers in the event of the death or disability of an unorganised worker, leaving them in great financial distress.

Citizens get benefits

Registered unorganised workers who are not registered will be enrolled under the State Accident Death and Disability Scheme (SADHS) and Aam Admi Bima Yojana(AABY), and will also be covered by Pradhan Mantri Suaksha Bima Yojana, (PMSBY). These workers will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • For 18-50 years, Rs.2 lakh and Rs.30,000/– for 51-60 years in natural death. Rs.5 lakh is for accident death and total disability. Rs.2.50 lakh is for partial disability.
  • Scholarship Rs.1,200/- available for children (upto two) who are studying ITI, 9th, or 10th grade.
  • Online claim settlement. In (2) days, Rs.5,000 was paid towards funeral expenses. The balance amount will be paid either on the 11th or 13th day of death.


  • The Scheme is open to all unorganized workers of the State aged between 18 and 70 years who earn less than Rs.15,000/month per month through Praja Sadhikaara survey.
  • All unorganised workers are required to register under the Unorganised Workers social security act, 2008 and be enrolled as beneficiaries under YSR Bima Scheme.

How to Apply YSR Bheema Scheme

Unorganised workers must apply to the Commissioner for Labour and provide an undertaking that they are unorganised workers.

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This is one of the important social welfare schemes of the state government of Andhra Pradesh, to provide financial security to the low earners. The basic need of these low-earning people is that they do not have any source of income to meet their expenses and other daily needs. The government understands the plight of these people and provides them with appropriate policies. YSR Bheema is one of the most preferred schemes introduced in the year 2021, designed to help the unorganized workforce in Andhra Pradesh get financial assistance. Under the YSR Bheema, all the unorganized strata of the workforce is made to participate in the program.

There are about fourteen groups, who can receive benefits under YSR Bheema. These include the Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribe Group, Scheduled Agricultural Workers, Scheduled Class III and Class IV Workers, Disabled Person Group, Female Group and M.B. Class I and II. The beneficiaries of YSR Bheema are assured of financial help and many works are done for the betterment of these unorganized workers.

In this insurance scheme, the low earners will be given enough money to purchase all the basic necessities of life. Each and every needy worker in Andhra Pradesh are provided with an amount, which he/she can use as per his/her requirement. All the candidates applying for YSR Bheema are examined thoroughly before being approved. Only those deserving to be placed in this scheme are sanctioned.

Since this is an independent financial assistance plan of the state government, no outside agency can claim any expense or obligation on the scheme. The only source of payment is the workers, who have taken the benefit of the plan and paid the premium. The benefit is meant for the long term as well as short term support. The schemes are also meant for the promotion of the state as well as the work culture in the state. With this scheme approved by the state government, Andhra Pradesh will become a financially strong state in the coming years.

The main aim of the YSR Bheema is to provide employment opportunities to the poor families. The financial assistance will help them in purchasing clothes, footwear and other needs. This scheme will also help them to purchase new homes. All the registered nurses, doctors and other medical professionals who have been approved by the state government for this purpose will get an opportunity to earn fulltime salaries in different hospitals and health centers of Andhra Pradesh, while participating in the scheme.

The YSR Bheema is a very unique scheme that offers an opportunity not only for the working class of Andhra Pradesh, but for all other people as well, who wish to sponsor their children’s education. While offering financial assistance to the financially weaker people, it is focusing on their weak areas. Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrabhaga has introduced this scheme around 1.14 crore, which represents about 5% of the state budget.

The main advantage of the scheme is its targeted use. The main idea behind introducing the YSR Bheema is to improve the overall condition of the financially weaker segment of the society and therefore to improve the overall quality of life in Andhra Pradesh as well. One of the most important components of the scheme is opening of a helpline number for the betterment of the plan holders. Since the target group of the scheme includes both the rural and urban poor people, the helpline number is provided exclusively for the poor people of these two sections.

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