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Bada Business is an App designed by Entrepreneurs, Dr. Virek Bindra &balaji Viswanathan for students all around the world to learn & get inspired about the business industry. It is a simple app that helps you understand about the global competitive scenario in the IT Industry.

The main aim of Bada Business is to help you with the essential facts and points in a very systematic manner. The main objective of Bada Business App is to provide an innovative business concept that will be helpful for the aspiring students. The main idea behind it is to help young students to have a clear picture of the important issues that arise in the IT Industry.

Apart from the app, there are other important features that make it a motivational speaker App. Bada Business App motivates the entrepreneurs to take up a different approach to their business and makes them aware about the various facts that concern the IT industry.

Dr.Vivek Bindra Wiki, Education, Income, Net Worth, Wife, House

Dr.Vivek Bindra is India’s leading Leadership Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Business Coach as well as Corporate trainer. Vivek Bindra helps people and companies to excel in their respective fields with the right approach, strategy, and mindset.

He is India’s one of the best motivational speakers who electrifies the audience with positive energy. Vivek Bindra was very studious and bright from his childhood itself. From a very tender age, he had great interest and knowledge about businesses.

This allrounder personality also owns a Youtube channel where he likes to upload videos majorly about business management. He also likes to upload videos about personality development, investing, learning mindset, as well as life goals.

To educate people about business and after seeing more than 90% of new businesses in India failing he decided to start giving free knowledge. And Youtube is the best source to give and take free knowledge to grow ahead in life. To know more inside the secret of Dr. Vivek Bindra Wife, Education, Income, Net Worth, House stay tuned till the end!

Bada Business Vivek Bindra Complete Details:

Real NameVivek Bindra
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, CEO Coach
Age42 (As of 2020)
Date of BirthApril 5, 1978
BirthplaceNew Delhi, India
HometownDelhi, India
CollegeAmity Business College Noida
Educational QualificationsM.B.A. and Phd
Marital StatusMarried ( 2 Children)

As the name of the bada business app implies, it is basically a motivational speaker App that helps out entrepreneurs with new ideas. The program also explains about the different types of organizations that can help people be more efficient at work.

The bada business app also has many more features like, online webinar, video webinar, social media marketing, email newsletter, phone conference calling, web conference calling, premium membership, free membership, discounted prices, quick registration, conference hall booking, and much more.

As an entrepreneur, it is very important that you keep up with the latest tools and techniques in order to remain in the competition. This is where the webinar comes in very handy. The webinar helps you become a motivational speaker as well as provide a platform for you to sell your products or services and make plenty of money.

Many entrepreneurs are trying to look out for affordable education options in order to help them start their own business. But most of them are not very keen in looking at the bada business colleges that offer affordable education. Most of the time, people prefer to go for more expensive degrees and instead of educating themselves through conventional methods, they prefer to go for an MBA or any other graduate school.

But the problem is that there are many people who cannot afford to pay huge fees to attend these expensive universities. In such a scenario, the bada business schools are the perfect option for them as they are free to all and have no strict terms and conditions involved.

Bada Business ( Vivek Bindra ) Networth 2021:

NameVivek Bindra
Net Worth (2021)$ 6.5 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees47 Crore INR
ProfessionSpeaker, You Tuber
Monthly Income And Salary40 Lakhs +
yearly Income5 Crore +
Last UpdatedJuly 2021

The bada business colleges offer all kinds of education, be it an online webinar, an audio webinar, or a video webinar. They also offer different programs of different duration, so that the students can choose the program that suits them the best. The entrepreneurs will only have to invest their time, money and effort to get the desired results.

However, the biggest advantage that the bada business learning webinar has over traditional courses is that the entrepreneurs will have to invest their time to attend the webinar instead of investing their money and energy to go to classes.

The bada business learning webinar helps the students understand the basics of the business, thus helping them get the knowledge required to start and grow their own business. The biggest advantage that the webinar has over the traditional classroom is that it helps the students to learn at their own pace. Most of the traditional courses are usually run on a timetable and the pace of the students will be limited.

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Bada Business Vivek Bindra Social Media Profile Details:

  • Dr. Vivek Bindra:
  • Motivational Speaker Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker
  • Youtube SUBSCRIBERS: 16,900,000 
  • VIDEO VIEWS: 1,156,016,970 
  • VIDEO COUNT: 556 
  • COUNTRY: India (IN) 
  • CATEGORY: Education 

On the other hand, the webinar is designed in a way that it lets the students take their own breaks, so that they can refresh their mind and keep thinking about new ideas. Hence, the entire course will help you to look out for new business opportunities, hence helping you make profits and bring your business to new heights.

Bada business app is another great way to help you with your education. An efficient business app will help you manage your time, resources and learn at your convenience. The main aim of the business app is to help entrepreneurs to have access to all the necessary information and tools required for their business. This includes the latest tools and techniques that are required to succeed with entrepreneurship.

The app will not only teach you new strategies and ideas; but also help you implement them and get maximum results from your efforts. Hence, the app is of immense help to those who are just starting their ventures.

Bada Business Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker estimated earnings by months From 2019 To 2021:

monthestimated earnings
June 2021$ 26.2K
May 2021$ 49K
April 2021$ 7.74K
March 2021$ 23.1K
February 2021$ 35K
January 2021$ 13.8K
October 2020$ 20K
September 2020$ 18.2K
August 2020$ 23.7K
July 2020$ 32.4K
February 2020$ 10.5K
January 2020$ 25.7K
December 2019$ 20.2K
November 2019$ 19.6K
October 2019$ 20.2K
September 2019$ 25.9K
August 2019$ 26.7K
July 2019$ 12.9K

Bada Business School is one of the best institutions that can help you with all your entrepreneurial needs. Apart from offering you the knowledge and practical knowledge, the Bada business app teaches you about different business strategies, helping you create and maintain an effective business. You will learn how to manage time effectively and how to effectively use the available resources to your advantage.

Thus, with the Bada business app you can learn all the things required to become a successful entrepreneur and at the same time, help you to start making money within the shortest possible time. The app is tailor made to give you all the necessary knowledge required for entrepreneurship.

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