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Few players have achieved as much in their careers as Sang H Kim has. He is currently tied for the most number of Grand Slam trophies with Federer, but he also has six additional titles to his name. Some consider him the best player in the world in terms of agility and tennis techniques.

While he may not be able to compete at a high level against the best players in the world, his level of play against the best competition is unquestionable. For this reason, we take a moment to look at his recent campaign for the US Open, where he narrowly missed out on reaching the finals.

Top 20 Best PUBG Players in the World – Best PUBG Players in 2021

  1. Pio. Cha “Pio” Seung-hoon is the IGL for Gen. …
  2. TGLTN. James
  3. Forever. …
  4. Ubah. …
  5. GODV. …
  6. Kickstart. …
  7. Inonix. …
  8. Batulins.
  9. PurdyKurty
  10. Snakers
  11. Lutz
  12. Sylass and Rayz
  13. Luxxy 
  14. Zuxxy
  15. Paraboy
  16. Gonzo
  17. Earnny
  18. 33Svan
  19. Ryzen
  20. Suk

So far, we’ve only mentioned some of the great names in professional tennis. But did you know that Kim was actually a fan of the legendary Billiards player? He admitted to watching him regularly while growing up in Hong Kong, and even said he wished he had the “body fat” that Billiards stars have. What a difference a medium stiffer makes. If you have a little green, you could learn how to drive the ball down the court like a pro players, without the bulk.

Best known as Wu Han Tai, the man known as 33Swannovo is another Best Pubg Player In The World all round player. Known for his great technical skills and ability to hit the ball on the green, 33Swannovo is also a fine competitor. He finished second in the recent Paris Open, behind only Roger Federer, and qualified comfortably for the quarter finals at the Chinese slam. This was a huge boost to the big French player, who has struggled to win major tournaments on the surface of the court.

In the mean time, 33swannovo has concentrated on his efforts to be a world class driver of the rackets and has qualified for the quarter finals in the recent Caribbean Classic. A bright young talent, 33Swannovo is yet to make his mark on the professional circuit, but is certainly keeping up appearances. He is known to have impressed the officials at the recent Dubai World Cup,

where he was second best in the drivers’ competition behind defending champion Andy Murray. Despite this he qualified better than any other player wu hongsen was chosen to play in the event. This is a testament to how far 33 Swannovo has come since he first played in the amateur ranks.

The next in line is Zuzuki, an Australian of Chinese descent, who plays for Team Asia in the Pro Touring club season. Despite missing the cut for the main tournament due to some bad luck with the golf club, Zuzuki performed admirably when called upon in the main event, where he put in a great defensive effort to beat eventual champions Mickelson and Jones. His solid putting and thieving performance in the exhibition final capped off a fantastic day for Zuzuki,

who will hope to emulate his excellent form in the next tour events. His best performance may have been in his previous outing at the Dubai World Cup, where he finished third out of four, but he will feel like a man of the event if he can bag himself a top three finish at the World Match.

The final player we will look at in our list of the ten best player in the world is Simon Lizotte, an Australian player known to many by his stage name of “Naled”. Like most of the other members of this crew, Simon Lizotte has developed a great drive over the years and has finished top of the rankings in each of the last three years. Last year he made it to the quarter finals of the World Match before succumbing to Jones.

This was a huge boost to his morale, and hopefully he can continue this good form in the coming months, whilst retaining a solid all round game. He also has a reputation as a great leader, so if he can help get some more fans interested in the game then I’m sure he’ll be happy. These are the qualities that make up the best players in the world.

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Another player with great skill and leadership skills is Lucas Smart, from the south America team called Criolli. He is a very experienced professional who has only tasted success at the international level, but after making a few key calls in the region during his time on the club, he’s looked like a match ready to star this season.

The word on the lips of many fans is that he might well end up being the best player in the world this year, although whether this can be labelled as a prediction is hard to say. It’s very difficult to compare players since every player has their own style and game which is why we base our picks on our own personal likes and dislikes of the player.

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Our final candidate for the title of the best player in the world this year is Fabio Capello, from Italy. Capello is considered to be a mentor-type character and has brought some Italian teams back to the top of the European rankings. The likes of Italy have not had much success against the English in recent times,

so it’s no wonder they have decided to groom some stars of the game into their ranks. With the likes of Capello, Andrea Pirlo and Leonardo Di Scola lead the way, any Italian side will have no trouble coming to the fore.

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Naman Mathur, also known as Mortal, has been one of the most prominent names in Indian PUBG. He currently has 5 million subscribers and a staggering 580 million combined video views.


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